Costa Rica or Panama?

Written by T. Rob Brown (aka Roberto Chocolate) Tuesday, 25 May 2010 11:49

 Shelly asked about Puerto Viejo de Limon on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, which is only two kilometers from the border with Panama.

Here is my repsonse. Roberto

I do know Puerto Viejo de Limon in Costa Rica. I fell in love with the place. My wife and I stayed there for a month, but when I went to buy property, I discovered the squatters rights issue; if someone is on your land for 6 months they have a legal claim to it.

To prevent squatters claims, you must hire a security guard to kick the squatter's off. However the secuirty guards bring in their cousins to squat, so you have to fire your security guard every five months. I heard this from three different land-owners.

That, plus the import duties (100% duty on any vehicle), the serious drug problems in Limon, and the fact that Costa Rica was eliminating all of their retiree benefits made me look elsewhere. 

Panama has the best retiree benefits of any country I have investigated. I much prefer the Pacific side, far fewer bugs and much less rain. However, everybody has their own tastes and likes. You need to come here and visit to really get a feel for the palce. Roberto




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