Auditions announced for PANAMA: THE MUSICAL

Written by T. Rob Brown (aka Roberto Chocolate) Saturday, 02 September 2017 16:30

 Auditions for PANAMÁ: THE MUSICAL written by Yolanda van der Kolk-Brown and T Rob Brown, Music and Lyrics by Tara Van Der Kolk and Yolanda van der Kolk-Brown were announced today.

Auditions for all roles will be held Sunday Oct 8, 2019 @ 3 PM and Monday Oct 9 @ 8 PM at Studio 9, Paitilla Plaza next to Super 99 in Panama City.

NOTE: This is the first musical written about Panama IN ENGLISH since Cole Porter's Panama Hattie in 1940.

ALL PERFORMERS will be required to perform IN ENGLISH.

The following roles are avaiable:


1) Lead: Caramia Luna: about to turn 18 years old, blonde-haired, blue-eyed American songwriter. Great singer, and dancer.

2) Mama Luna: late 30's, self-centered, street-smart former cabaret star, mix of French/American. Sings. Performs a tango dance.

3) Gypsy: mid-twenties. Prostitute. Fortune teller. Sings and dances.

4) Ditzy Litzy: a heavy-set, funny Panamanian prostitute. Sings and dances.

5) Dama Vamp: early twenties. Sleek, back-stabbing, an ambitious and devious prostitute.

6) Melody: Caramia's young sister - a sassy mixed-race girl. (NOTE: this role will be selected during an on-air national TV talent search show on OYE TV: SEARCHING FOR A MELODY)
in late October. Sings.

Female chorus six (6) women who sing and dance multiple roles including an American bimbo, tarot card dancer (Must dance) can-can showgirls, Lindy Hop dancers. Ages from teenagers to mid thirties.


1) Lead: Mateo Rodriguez: a rakishly handsome, 20-something Latin singer/musician. Great voice. Dances.

4) Hefe Rico Pistola: a deadly, violent, snake of a man. Owner of the cabaret, he is devilishly handsome and can be very, very charming. Sings. Dances.

3) Black Jack Ferri: a forty-five year old East Indian Panamanian money-lender. Violent, tough and handsome. Sings. Dances.

4) Detective Hero Roberts: a distinguished Panamanian, a former police detective in The Zone.

5) Radio Cassanova/Charles Lindbergh: A dynamic US radio personality. Strong US accent needed.

Male Chorus: Seven (7) roles playing multiple parts including US gate guards (Southern US accents needed) ship's crew, cabaret master of ceremonies, Police officers, priest, etc. Singers, Dancers. All ages.

In addition there will be five (5) piece Latin band performing on stage as part of the show. See Pepe Cassis, Music Director to audition for musician roles.